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Oslo Chamber of Commerce (OCC) was established in 1908 as an independent service organization for the business community. It is the largest of 15 chambers of commerce in Norway which are constituted under private law and affiliated through The Association of Norwegian Chambers of Commerce. Norwatch is an independent news service that conducts critical journalistic investigation on Norwegian businesses in developing countries, investigating whether the companies act in accordance with basic human rights, labour rights, safety and environmental standards. In addition, Norwatch covers issues concerning Norwegian investment, export and import ethics. The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) is a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).
Fighting Poverty
Norad's most important task is to contribute in the international cooperation to fight poverty. MC is a network with focus on developing a business area called Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ). New businesslogic, with a combination of economical and social creating of values, is the main core in projects MC designs and initiates.